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Beds With Ease Limited (company number 04230149) trading as bedswithease.com ("BWE, “we”") whose registered office is at Amber Court, William Armstrong Drive, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7YA, is an agent appointed by the owners and/or providers (“Service Provider”) of accommodation ("Products") to sell the Products on a non-exclusive basis in the United Kingdom on the Service Provider’s behalf to travel agents for onward sale to individuals wishing to use the Products ("Customer(s)").

Bookings on this website can only be made by travel agents in a B2B capacity with a signed commercial agency agreement with BWE (“Agency Agreement”), and any bookings you make will be governed by both the Agency Agreement and these Terms of Business. By making a booking, you accept and agree to comply with these Terms of Business. Failure to comply with any part of these Terms of Business and/or your Agency Agreement may result in your access and permission to use this website being revoked (in addition to any other rights we may have).

In making a booking on behalf of the Customer, and receiving payment from the Customer, you, the travel agent do so in the capacity of a Sub-agent for BWE (“Sub-Agent”, “you”). BWE accepts no responsibility for the provision of the Product by the Service Provider. The Service Provider has a contract with the Customer for the provision of the Product and copies of the terms and conditions of the Service Provider are available on request. The Customer makes an offer to buy Products from the Service Provider which BWE, as agent, is able to accept on behalf of each Service Provider or to reject it.

Where the Sub-Agent sells the Products as part of a “Package” or “Linked Travel Arrangement” as defined in the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 (“PTRs”), the Sub-Agent shall be the “Organiser” (as defined in the PTRs) of the Package (or facilitator of the Linked Travel Arrangement) and shall comply with its legal obligations thereunder, including but not limited financially protecting Customer payments received by the Sub-Agent.

BWE is not a package organiser in any circumstances and the Products are not sold by BWE in any way that creates a Package or Linked Travel Arrangement, with BWE as the organiser/facilitator. Certain hotels/accommodation providers offer complimentary airport transfers as part of the accommodation booking. These airport transfers are provided by hotels/accommodation providers as part of the accommodation and the airport transfer does not constitute a separate travel or tourist service in its own right.


The Customer must pay a deposit at the time of booking and the full balance is required no later than 14 days before the Product start date. Payment in full must be made if the booking is made within 14 days of the Product start date. A voucher will be sent to the Sub-Agent to send to the Customer without delay. The voucher will identify the Service Provider and entitles the Customer to use the Product. If full payment is not received by BWE by the balance due date at the latest, BWE may, on behalf of the Service Provider, assume that the booking is cancelled. All payments received by BWE as at the date of cancellation will be retained by way of a cancellation fee and BWE will pass on any additional charges from the Service Provider. If BWE does not receive full payment from the Sub-Agent the Product will not be provided to the Customer without further payment.


Any cancellation must be cancelled before the departure date via the BWE website or API. Cancellation terms are dynamic and display at the time of booking and also display at the time of cancellation. Any amendment requests must be sent to BWE in writing to sales@bedswithease.com and will not take effect until received by BWE. The Service Provider may charge the cancellation or amendment charge shown in their Terms and Conditions (which could be 100% of the cost of the product) and the Customer must pay BWE this amount.  BWE also reserve the right to charge an administration fee to cover BWE’s costs incurred in dealing with the Customer’s request.


BWE will inform the Sub-Agent as soon as reasonably possible of any changes or cancellations and the Sub-Agent must forward this on to the Customer without delay. If the Service Provider offers an alternative Product or a refund, it will stipulate a timeframe for a reply. In the absence of a reply within this timeframe, BWE on behalf of the Service Provider is entitled to assume a full refund is required.


As agent BWE relies on the detailed information provided by the Service Provider. The Service Provider carries out its own health and safety inspections and is satisfied that it complies with the relevant laws of the countries in which the Product is located. As agent BWE relies on the information provided by the Service Provider. The Customer has the benefit of the warranties given by the Service Provider, in the Service Provider’s T&C’s.


In order to make a booking, you will need to provide us with the Customer’s personal data. BWE will need to pass this personal data on to the Service Provider in order for the Service Provider to fulfil their contract with the Customer. Both BWE and the Sub-Agent are controllers in relation to the Customer’s personal data – please refer to the Agency Agreement for further information.

BWE understands the importance of protecting the Customer’s personal data. Please see our privacy policy for further information on how BWE will process and protect the Customer’s personal data.


BWE is responsible for making the booking in accordance with the Sub-Agent’s instructions, on behalf of the Customer. The Customer’s contract is with the Service Provider and its terms and conditions apply. As agent, BWE accepts no responsibility for the provision of the Product by the Service Provider. Complaints should be addressed to the Service Provider and BWE undertakes to ensure that the full contact details of the Service Provider will be provided to the Customer if they are not already printed on the voucher.


City Taxes are not included in the advertised prices but do apply in most tourist cities and the Customer will have to pay these locally. Similar to city taxes, various hotels in the USA charge a resort fee for full use of facilities. It is the responsibility of the Sub-Agent to advise the customer of any additional charges that may apply upon arrival.


These Terms of Business are governed by the laws of England and Wales. We both agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales in relation to any dispute or matter arising from the Terms.


All Products on BWE are for sale to UK residents. It is the lead Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all members of the party are UK residents in order to book at the prices stated. Enquiries for Non UK residents should be sent via email to sales@bedswithease.com. BWE are not responsible for passengers’ failure to adhere to these conditions, which may result in refused entry or additional local charges upon arrival. We reserve the right to amend advertised prices at any time. We also reserve the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices.


BWE uses the official star rating for all hotels and apartments featured on our website. From time to time ratings may be changed based on information given by the hotel or Service Provider. For Florida villas we use star ratings as a guide only. These ratings are given on the advice of Service Providers, based on location, quality and facilities. Standards and ratings may vary between countries, as well as between suppliers. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any ratings given.

Any reservation for 3 rooms or more is classed as a group booking and these are always on a request basis. Please emails our head office on sales@bedswithease.com to see if this is possible. We have a variety of rooms types available to book on our website:
  • Single: A room assigned to one person, may have one or more beds
  • Double/Twin: A room assigned to two or more people, may have one double or Twin beds and additional sofa/roll out bed
  • Double: A room assigned to two or more people, may have one double or Twin beds and additional sofa/roll out bed
  • Twin: A room assigned to two or more people, may have one double or Twin beds and additional sofa/roll out bed
  • Triple: A room assigned for three people or less may have one double or twin beds and additional sofa/roll out bed
  • Apartments: Usually consists of a living area with kitchen, bathroom, and separate sleeping area. Twin beds or a double bed in each bedroom. There may also be additional beds in the form of sofa beds.
  • Studios: Usually consists of an open plan living/sleeping area with kitchen, bathroom, sofa/roll out bed
It is the Sub-Agent’s responsibility to ensure that the right room type is chosen and selected for the Customer.

Please be advised that 'All Inclusive' starts when you check-in and ends when you check-out. If you've booked late night flights and you miss any meals on your first day, they will not be offered to you on the day of your departure.
In addition to the above, certain destinations have restrictions/limitations imposed by law on the availability of alcoholic drinks within the all inclusive packages. We are more than happy to provide further information in this regard upon request.


Whilst every effort is made to guarantee accuracy on our website there may be occasions where errors or omissions occur. This may relate to price, product or description being incorrectly displayed. In these exceptional circumstances we will do our best to correct such errors and notify Sub-Agents as quickly as possible. In cases that arise where price differences/errors occur we reserve the right to cancel the booking with a full refund, offer the booking at the correct price or offer a suitable alternative, entirely at our discretion.


Although we try to offer accurate and up to date information at all times, there may be occasions where facilities and services may become unavailable either due to low occupancy, for maintenance or at the beginning or end of season. We do not accept responsibility for any services that are withdrawn for such reasons. Hotel room images on our website are predominantly taken from the hotel's own website and may not reflect the actual room you have reserved. We endeavour to advise customers of any building works that may detract from customers’ overall enjoyment of their holiday. These works are out of our control and although we don't always receive prior notification, if we are advised of such works we will contact you immediately.


It is your responsibility to make sure that the Customer is aware of any applicable passport and visa requirements relating to their booking. We will not be held responsible for any financial loss that may be incurred by either you or the Customer as a result of the Customer’s failure to comply with any applicable passport and visa requirements.
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